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  • Bank of America: -59.45%
  • Citi: -43.63%
  • Goldman Sachs: -45.89%
  • JPMorgan: -21.28%
  • Morgan Stanley: -44.22%
  • Barclays: -33.31%
  • Lloyds: -61.22%
  • UBS: -28.42%
  • Deutsche Bank: -27.01%
  • BNP Paribas: -36.29%
  • Société Générale: -58.49%

οι δε Ευρωπαϊκες Τραπεζες θα ΧΟΡΟΠΗΔΗΣΟΥΝ το 2012 !!! χοπ χοπ χοπ

There are approximately $55 trillion of banking assets in the EU. This compares to only $13 trillion in the US. Bank assets in the EU are 4 times as large as in the US.

In the US, debt held by the bank is smaller because retail deposits are a primary source of funds. EU banks use wholesale lending and, as a consequence, the debt held by banks is close to 80% versus less than 20% by US banks.

Wholesale bank lending in the EU approximates $30 trillion versus only $3 trillion in the US, a 10 X differential.

Wholesale lending is fundamentally borrowing from money market funds and other very short term, unsecured instruments. The banks borrow short and lend long. It all works until short term money gets scarce or expensive.

Assuming $30 trillion of loans is spread over three years, EU banks have a requirement for $800 billion a month of rollover financing for wholesale lending outstanding.

Europe’s Banks Face Pressure on Collateralhttp://www.scribd.com/doc/76610619/Article-Collateral-Contagion


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